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Why DMOs and destinations should manage their consumer campaigns with trade partners centrally

As international vaccine rollouts progress over the course of 2021, many DMOs are now looking to re-start consumer campaigns in cooperation with tour operators, airline partners and call-to-action partners to kick start the recovery and drive conversions in the latter part of this year and in early 2022.

These so called “B2B2C” campaign activations (campaigns that are designed to engage consumers with both destination content and CTA partner itinerary messaging) will be a vital component in ensuring that DMOs are ahead of their competition in terms of persuading active travel intenders who are desperate for holiday experiences, to make their destination the first trip these audience groups take post lockdown.

For this reason, it has never been more important for DMOs to ensure that their campaign messaging strikes the right tone, and is delivered to the right audiences in a fully coordinated way that maximises budget efficiencies and campaign effectiveness.

The only way to achieve these objectives is for DMOs to take ownership of their B2B2C campaigns with partners, ensuring that they retain control over the content and messaging, audience targeting, data capture and campaign management.

Centralised coordination of B2B2C campaigns, both within a single market and across multiple markets, has a number of important benefits that give DMOs who go down this route a set of key advantages over their competitors.

Data capture and ownership

Never has data been more important for DMOs, both in terms of understanding what drives their audiences in the new world, and also having the ability to target audiences who have expressed an interest in their destinations with tactical sales-driving messaging. Only DMOs that manage and centrally coordinate their B2B2C campaigns will have access to this vitally important data.

Creative and production cost efficiencies

Centrally coordinated campaigns create economies of scale across multiple partner campaigns and multiple markets. This means that DMOs who handle B2B2C campaigns in this way can reduce creative and production costs and therefore spend more of their budget on media amplification.

This year more than any other, competition for travellers will be tough. This means that the DMO content and messaging that is designed to inspire audiences must be as compelling, engaging and persuasive as it can possibly be. Only through centralised control of this messaging can DMOs be sure that the exposure their audiences are getting to their destination will be up to the required standards, delivered within the right formats and environments and to the right people.

Centralised insights and learnings

B2B2C campaigns in multiple markets that are managed centrally enable DMOs to compare and contrast all of their partner campaigns from a single centralized platform. This allows DMOs to gain important learnings and insights in terms of which partners are most effective, what kinds of messaging and itineraries work best, and crucially what channels, targeting strategies and creative formats are most effective, and in what combinations.

Without this centralized campaign structure, these learnings and insights will be lost, along with the ability to optimize campaigns accordingly.

Media buying efficiencies

Centralised management of media buying for all B2B2C campaigns delivers economies of scale. This can result in greater reach for DMOs for all their campaigns in all markets.

Centralised coordination of media and distribution

Making the most of the available budget for activity is always important, but particularly in 2021. DMOs that centralise their B2B2C activity will have the advantage of being able to coordinate the distribution strategies for each of their partners. This means that they will be able to separate channel strategies between partner campaigns, and also to ensure that their partner media campaigns complement and do not conflict with their brand consumer media strategies. This level of control between partner plans and wider DMO media activities is only possible through centralized coordination.

In summary, DMOs that take ownership and control of their B2B2C campaigns will be the destinations that win in 2021.

To meet this need, and to ensure that our clients are able to leverage the full range of benefits that this approach offers, we have developed an integrated platform and structure that allows DMOs to deliver fully centralized and coordinated B2B2C campaigns on a global scale.

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