01. Content

Our integrated content capability is both hyper local and delivered on a global scale, leveraging consumer insights from our worldwide network

We use consumer behavioural data to refine and optimize content output ensuring constantly high engagement.

Digital Video and Advertiser-funded Programming

Features Content to engage and inspire

We create destination features and content designed to tell stories and inspire people to experience travel.

We work with a roster of leading, specialist travel writers in a wide range of categories to bring expertise and authenticity to the content we deliver.

We have strong relationships with tastemaker media brands, and we can leverage their voices to bring our client’s destinations to life.

We work with leading presenters, influencers and tastemakers

Creative use of content

We have a proven track record in delivering destination content through the use of interactive games and engaging creative ideas.

02. Distribution

Our integrated media planning and distribution capability has been created specifically for the travel sector.

We combine decades of travel sector media planning experience with the very latest digital targeting technology alongside proprietary digital & data products to ensure our client’s content and messaging actively engages the right audiences at the right time.

Integrated Planning and Buying

Our planning starting point is always the outcomes that we need to achieve for each campaign.

Whether the objectives are brand-focused, tactical, conversions-led, or based around generating pure awareness, we work back from these desired outcomes to design a multi-channel integrated media plan that delivers.

We deliver our client’s inspiring content, brand messaging and tactical sales-driving messaging to audiences using a set of proprietary, dynamic digital content formats

Data is at the heart of every campaign we deliver. Our approach combines proprietary travel data with our client’s 1st party data alongside a wide range of 3rd party data sources to ensure success.

Our approach is to cultivate strong and collaborative relationships with key media owners, channels and properties in each market. This ensures that our trading relationships are strong and results in priority access to the latest innovations, creative solutions and opportunities for our clients.

Our mission is always to deliver campaigns with the highest quality in terms of brand reach, environment and effectiveness with the best possible pricing.

Our approach is truly global, ensuring that we are able to deliver locally applied knowledge, audience insights, channel relationships and media planning acumen but on a global scale.

03. Data

We lead the market in the use of digital and data targeting techniques to drive travel campaign effectiveness. We combine proprietary data with multi-channel targeting strategies to deliver travel messaging and content to audiences with precision accuracy.

Our fully integrated approach ensures constantly improving and refining results.

Data-enriched traveler targeting

We enable clients to combine their owned 1st party data with our own rich proprietary data to take targeting effectiveness to a new level.

Targeting audiences down to Region, State, DMA, City, locality and even geo-fenced to specific venues, establishments and locales. This allows tailored and tactical messaging to specific regions and locations.

Using 1st party client audience data captured in ad units or from client owned assets, we will build look-a-like profiles which can be used to deliver high funnel prospecting, expanding client’s audience universe.

We deliver contextually targeted campaigns to ensure that messaging is presented to precision-targeted audiences within relevant editorial environments.

Programmatic Vendor Direct

We activate 3rd party vendor campaigns programmatically to unlock a number of key benefits including:

We enrich the direct vendor inventory by overlaying data targeting including client’s own data, our proprietary data as well as a wide range of 3rd party data sets. This improves the effectiveness of inventory and reduces wastage.

Our approach allows us to optimize vendor campaigns more quickly and efficiently, delivering  far greater visibility on which placements are working and what optimizations are required.

Tactical and Re-targeting strategies

We will work with our client’s operations teams to design and implement re-targeting strategies that drive engaged audiences seamlessly from inspiration through to conversion.

We will work with clients to set up tracking and tagging on all required assets ensuring that audience pools can be captured across all key client platforms.

We execute re-targeting campaigns across display and social channels using both automated and manual optimization strategies.

Multi-channel data-enriched campaigns

Clients can realise all of the benefits of our data-enabled approach to execute campaigns, and they can do so across multiple media channels.

Access to more than 90 billion display ad impressions daily across quality publisher sites, specialist travel and category specific sites, portals, display networks and blogs

All operating systems and devices

Connected TV, OTT platforms, display and mobile video across all screens sizes and resolutions.

We deliver content using proprietary custom native formats as well as access to best-in-class native advertising suppliers.

Using precision-targeted placements across multiple digital audio platforms, podcasts, and audio networks.

04. Results

Our campaign tracking platforms integrate proprietary and 3rd party data from a wide range of sources and providers to ensure that we are able to track performance against the full set of metrics including media campaign performance data, attributed performance data and market data.

We use this data to make intra-daily optimisations based on channels, creative formats, content types and placements.