Tanqueray Thursday

‘Tanqueray Thursdays’ with The Nudge brought together two complementary brands to bring urbanite Londoners the ultimate Thursday Night bar experiences. For 10 weeks in Summer and again for 10 weeks in Autumn; The Nudge and Tanqueray partnered to deliver a series of Tanqueray Thursday experiences at London’s coolest venues.

Each week The Nudge selected from a series of Thursday experiences ranging from installation art, theatre, dancing through to eclectic food and bar experiences, and Nudge users were able to enjoy a special Tanqueray incentive using ‘#TanquerayThursdays’.

In addition to the weekly selection, The Nudge & Tanqueray hosted an exclusive special Tanqueray Thursday event that fused food, cocktails, and entertainment.

The campaign was then amplified using digital channels and digital out-of-home creative each week targeted to major London rail and tube termini.

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