South Australia Tourism Commission wanted to create a campaign that used content to showcase South Australia as the best place to start an Australian holiday, positioning the destination as synonymous with vibrant culture, authentic boutique travel experiences and friendly and authentic people.

The task was both to build destination brand awareness/perception as well as drive conversions from High Value traveller audiences in conjunction with Trailfinders and Qatar Airways.


Our solution was the creation of a Bespoke, short video documentaries (5* 3 min films shot on location) with each episode following leading BBC wildlife presenter and naturalist, Nick Baker, travelling across South Australia, exploring different region/nature experiences including Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Flinders Ranges, Walking and Road Trips & Journeys. To complement the video series we produced a series of editorial features including tips on travelling in SA

The video series and features content were delivered to audiences via a set of “Natural South Australia” rich media, ad served content assets including video player formats and a lightbox content hub. The assets included travel tips, itineraries and fare offers from Trailfinders and Qatar Airways

The Natural South Australia rich media content assets were targeted to key audiences segments across selected sites within editorial environments that fitted with the themes explored in the content including travel channels such as Wanderlust and National Geographic, wildlife editorial environments including BBC Wildlife and Focussing on Wildlife, as well as travel sections of news sites including Telegraph and Guardian.

In addition, we distributed the content using the rich media assets to prospecting audiences of in-market for long haul travel intenders using web behavioural, travel search and context data.

The content was also curated into a 7 page pullout within leading independent travel magazine, Wanderlust as well as within a bespoke Wanderlust editorial hub online.

Throughout the campaign, the content and Trailfinders/Qatar Airways South Australia itineraries and fares were promoted using tactical targeted paid social media strategies using carousel and image slide show formats on facebook and instagram.


The campaign delivered and exceed all KPIs.

Impressions significantly over-delivered against our target with 14m impressions served against our target of 12.47 million.

Total content users were 370,307 which was 246% to the 150,000 target.

Interaction rates with the Lightbox were exceptional, delivering 5.35% against the target and benchmark of 1%. This shows the strength of the video content and the relevance of the channels and audiences consuming it.

Video Views were also over target, delivering 2.1m views of the assets against our 1m target.

Dwell times within the Lightbox hub were very strong at 2mins 41 seconds per session against the KPI benchmark of 2mins.

The targetable South Australia Engager Data pool captured as part of campaign is now 5.3million

The combination of rich content and follow up tactical itinerary messaging also proved highly effective at driving engaged users to the Trailfinders South Australia itineraries on the TF site. Tracked arrivals to the TF site finished at 20K which is an overall arrival rate of  0.18%



2mins 41sec


20,000 VISITS