Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority was looking to drive engagement in Bahrain as a winter sun destination for affluent travellers in the UK and Europe. In addition BTEA wanted to showcase Bahrain as a culturally rich destination with warm and welcoming people.

The core objectives in addition to awareness and destination brand positioning were to drive conversions through a set of trade operators.


Our solution was the creation of the ‘Always Warmer’ campaign, positioning Bahrain as offering “a warmer island welcome”. A UK & European specific strategy to sit under BTEA’s overarching strategic position of “Ours. Yours”, relating to the warm welcome of the Bahrain’ people whilst also playing on the double meaning of the word “warmer” relating to sunshine.

The campaign targeted a new generation of travellers, the millennials, who have a need for a more authentic and soulful experience where they feel connected to the places they visit and with whom “warmth” really resonates.

The campaign was delivered through content partnerships across two years. Including an annual landmark, short-form video series created on location in Bahrain, including stories of real Bahrainis showcasing their warmth and welcome. The video series content was so successful that is was rolled out across the rest of Europe and in India and the GCC with subtitles.

Using dynamic weather targeting for the OOH, we delivered different creative executions to correspond to the weather on each day of the campaign, with a “beach” creative displaying on days when the UK weather was cold, a “windsurfing” experience creative displaying on wet days in the UK and a “culture” creative set on days when the sun was shining.

Digital distribution was activated using a data driven strategy targeting searches of winter sun user behaviours. Including live messaging triggered by temperature changes and rainfall and delivering a range of experiences on the warmth of Bahrain.

The campaign was further amplified with a social media trip of micro-influencers with itineraries themed around Always Warmer content accompanied by a series of competitions to win holiday prizes to Bahrain around their content.

All video and associated content was hosted on a responsively designed web hub which featured tour operator packages to drive bookings.

The campaign was accompanied by a centrally co-ordinated data strategy that included the capture of a constantly growing and refining pool of Bahrain Engagers. These data pools were accessed throughout to refine audience segmentation, create look-a-like profiles, drive sales through re-targeting from tour operators and also to track and optimize.


The campaign achieved a +30% uplift in incremental visitor arrivals with the highest numbers focused on the campaigns key driving periods; January – March and September – December.

The campaign’s tour operator partners all reported a huge uplift in bookings, with up to 89% increase in room nights and 140% in passenger numbers.

278 articles were generated with a total PR value of £4,703,274 and a total circulation of 1.3 Billion. Internet sales for the Grand Prix were up 59% YoY.